a) General, Access, Information & Control, IP, GDPR, Prohibition & Law

  • The following are the Terms & Conditions that govern the services, offerings, sales, transactions and legal obligations for the EdTechReview Summit & Expo 2019 (“Event”).
  • The event is organized and owned by EdTechReview Media Pvt Ltd (“company”).
  • All entry to the event all halls, premise, food & refreshment zones, etc. are controlled and monitored by use of entry passes.
  • Access to facilities (awards, pitch, entry to summit/expo, networking app, etc.) are subject to purchased ticket. Please refer to tickets for details.
  • Networking dinner and cocktails is premium service only accessible to speakers, partners and Full Access Pass holders, please contact [email protected] for partnership queries.
  • Please refer to the event schedule for details on the program, halls and facilities.
  • The company reserves the right to admission of personal to its event unconditionally to ensure smooth running and quality experience to others.
  • All speakers, presenter & partners, sharing information through the event warrant that they are the rightful owners or authorized owners of the information they possess and they have full authority to disclose such information. Such disclosure doesn’t breach any legal or contractual obligation. In case of any breach, the disclosing party shall bear all responsibilities and damages.
  • Any disclosure by non-company personal of any confidential information; the company shall stay immune to any ramifications thereof.
  • Any disclosure of any information at the event shall make the information non-confidential and shall bring the same in public domain.
  • All content and information, including the content of the website, ticket sale, application and nomination forms, emails, marketing material, etc., and - not limiting to - content produced through forms filled by any customer, or through the event itself, in the form of text, video, audio, etc. shall be the sole property of the company.
  • The company uses 3rd party tools and services to deliver the event which include services like: hosting, emails, social media promotion, application forms and data collection, presentation tools, electronic data storage and processing software, etc. Use of such services may involve data transmission between applications/services over the internet. The data is safely stored by technology implemented by the 3rd party in compliance with the GDPR and data storage norms. The company, in turn, is compliant with GDPR regulations. In case of any detailed information with respect to your data, use and process or with respect to GDPR implementation measures or to get your data removed, please email us at [email protected].
  • By filling out any form made available in relation to this event or provided to you by the company or if you reach out to the company through any form of communication (phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.), you accept to authorize the company or its representatives to contact you in relation to the event, resolution of your query or for any further business related offer that the company may have.
  • The company reserves the right to change the event at any point of time with or without consent or prior information.
  • The company reserves the rights to change the offered services/products that it owns.
  • Working days are taken as the standard banking days as per India.
  • The event will be organized at a 3rd party owned venue. All guests are expected to follow rules of the venue. Please contact the venue directly for more details.
  • The company doesn’t warrant growth in sales, revenues, inquiries, brand reputation, or customer reach by offering you this event and related services.
  • Not Permitted – Drugs, Liquor, Illegal Substances, Materials that are disrespectful/demeaning to others (individuals/organizations) or violates any provision of this terms & conditions document or of the company or of the venue.
  • If any guest knowingly or unknowingly causes any damage/injury to anyone/property owned by other guests, partners, venue or the company, the person responsible for such damage/injury shall be liable for compensation and repairs.
  • All participants are requested to maintain appropriate business etiquette at all times.
  • Force Majeure: The company, its representatives, vendors, subsidiaries shall not be liable for any failure, deficiency or delay in the performance/delivery of services under this offer/proforma-invoice/order beyond our control or due to act of God, natural disasters etc.
  • All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.

b) Services, Delivery, Tax, Payment, Cancellation & Billing

  • Services to be delivered only subject to commitment by authorized company representative(s).
  • All services are delivered against 100% advance payment only.
  • Any payment beyond due-date shall attract interest at the rate of 18%.
  • All ticket payments to be made online. View registration section for details.
  • Booking(s) shall stand cancelled in case of Part/Non-Payment by due date.
  • Purchase orders, Pro-forma invoice or tax-invoice in case of Exhibition and Sponsorship services shall mean confirmed and binding order by a customer.
  • All confirmed orders are noncancelable/non-refundable and client are legal under obligation to make payment as per following schedule:
    • More than 60 days before event – cancellable and refundable.
    • 45 days before event – non-refundable but cancellable.
    • Less than 45 days before event – non-refundable, cancellable against 50% payable amount.
    • Less than 15 days before event – non-refundable, noncancelable, 100% payment mandatory and recoverable under law.
  • All purchases are taxable under THE CENTRAL GOODS AND SERVICES TAX ACT, 2017.
  • In case TDS deduction is mandatory, please deduct 2% only as one-time contractual event and marketing services under section 194C.
  • Ticket billing is done directly through 3rd party online platform upon purchase.
  • For sponsorship, exhibition and other custom services, the company shall bill the beneficiary directly. Payment of such services shall be made directly to the company as per details on bill.
  • Tax Invoice will be generated upon receiving full payment only.

c) Tickets & Ticket holders

  • There are two types of ticket holders for this event:
    • Expo Visitor
    • Full Access Ticket Holder
    The benefits & difference between each can be read here.
  • Full access ticket gives you access to applying for Startup Pitch and nominate for EdTech Awards.
  • Both types of tickets are non-cancellable, non-refundable but transferable on request (email to [email protected] along with booking ID and details for transfer of ticket).
  • Purchasing any type of ticket doesn't give you the right to distribute your flyers/brochures to any personal including but not limiting to, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, visitors and attendees. You may of course meet, network and exchange business cards.
  • Violation of subpoint iii above can result in serious reparable and irreparable business, financial, and reputation loss. In such circumstance, the company reserves the right to practice any/all of the following (but is not limited to the following) actions:
    • Offer warning
    • Cancel your pass instantaneously & evict you from the premise
    • Impose future ban
    • Seek legal help to recover damages & losses

d) Pitch

  • The Startup Pitch application is only for a Startup, all the following applicable:
    • Less than 3 years of age.
    • Less than $1m in revenue.
    • Less than 50 employee strength.
    • Less than $1m investment.
  • Apply by purchasing a full access ticket here and check the option for interest in pitching as 'YES'.
  • After this, you will get a pitch application form with 7 working days.
  • Please be sure to fill and submit the pitch application within 7 working days from the date of receiving the “Pitch Application From” from our side.
  • Once applied, the same cannot be changed or withdrawn.
  • To change the application, you will have to reapply by making a fresh purchase of Full Access Ticket followed by a fresh pitch application.
  • Pitch application doesn't guarantee a pitch slot for you. Our team and advisors will shortlist best startups based on the received entries and only the selected startups will get pitch slot.
  • Learn more about EdTechReview Pitch here.
  • For further queries, please write to us at [email protected].

e) Awards

  • The EdTech Award Nominations are only for:
    • National/State recognized Schools (Per & K12 Institutions)
    • National/State recognized HigherEd Institution (college and/or university)
    • National/State recognized Company (primary domain EdTech/E-Learning)
  • Apply by purchasing a full access ticket here and check the relevant option as per your organization/institution under “Awards” field.
  • You will get an award nomination form on your registered id.
  • Please be sure to fill and submit the award nomination within 7 working days from the date of receiving the “Award Nomination From” from our side.
  • Once nominated, the same cannot be changed or withdrawn.
  • To change the nomination, you will have to re-nominate by making a fresh purchase of Full Access Ticket followed by a fresh award nomination.
  • We might contact you for further questions regarding your entry. Therefore, please provide us with an awards liaison representative who can take these inquiries. You must provide their full contact details on the entry form.
  • Filling out an Award Nomination Form doesn't guarantee that you will receive an award under any of the categories you applied for. Our team and advisors will shortlist best applicant under each category.
  • Only the finalists shall be informed a week before.
  • In the event of exceptionally high-interest level in a category, company reserve the right to expand the shortlist.
  • The winners will be announced during the Awards Evening on 15th February 2019.
  • Learn more about EdTechReview Awards here.
  • For further queries, please write to us at [email protected].

f) Sponsorships

  • Responsibility – It is your responsibility as a representative of your business provide information to interested visitor/potential customer/partner regarding your company/product/service.
  • Standard terms and condition enlisted on this page shall apply subject to the purchased product/service.
  • Additional terms & conditions and terms of services/payment and delivery are governed by Purchase order/por-forma invoice/invoice.
  • Please contact your account manager for any queries.
  • Click here and fill the from to request sponsorship benefits/brochure/quote.

g) Expo

  • Facilities included with a stall:
    • Each stall is provided with lights, table and chairs. Number of items provided and stall size will be detailed in the Purchase order/por-forma invoice/invoice.
    • Stall Owners – Only the registered team of participants are allowed in the stall. No "Booth Buddies" i.e. colleagues, family, friends etc. who are not registered to attend, are allowed.
    • WiFi not provided/included. Refer to additional services for details.
    • Any additional fabrication on the walls of the stall needs to be done by the company themselves.
  • Cancellation Policy: Refer to the subpoint vii of Services, Delivery, Tax, Payment, Cancellation & Billing for standard cancellation policy. Please refer to Purchase order/por-forma invoice/invoice for superseding policy.
  • Obligations:
    • Responsibility – It is your responsibility as the owner of the stalls to provide information to the visitors regarding your company/product/service. You shall not leave the stalls unattended and keep it fully staffed at all times. You shall keep the walkways clear from your materials and keep the stall area clean and tidy. Appropriate business etiquette shall be maintained.
    • No Disturbance – You shall not play videos or music at volume levels that can be disturbing the other stalls.
  • No Substitution/Sub-Leasing: You are not permitted to allow someone else to take over your stall. Neither are you permitted to sub-lease the stall.
  • Allotment:
    • Allocation – The allotment of the stalls will be on a first-come-first basis.
    • Alteration to the Floor Plan – The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the floorplan as required.
  • Pack-In and Pack-Out
    • Setup Time – All exhibitors will be allowed 3 hours to setup their stalls before the event starts.
    • Pack up Time – All exhibitors are required to close by 6.30pm on the first day of the event. All exhibitors are required to close and clear the area by 8.00pm on the second day of the event.
    • Materials & Costs – All banners/boards and other collateral, including and not limiting to owned products, display/audio/projectors devices, and other support products and/or services etc. are to be arranged and paid by exhibitors themselves. Any other charges including and not limiting to rentals, maintenance, security, deposits, transportations, etc. are to be borne by the exhibitors.

h) Additional Services (3rd party services)

  • WiFi: Access to the wifi is a paid service offered by the venue. It is available for the event visitors at separate charge of Rs. 1500* for every 8 hours to be directly paid to the venue.
    * Rate and purchase details to be updated soon.
    Alternatively, we recommend using mobile network for light usage.
  • Accommodation: Our venue is a luxurious 5-star hotel. You can enjoy the quality service and amenities the venue. Please contact the venue directly for details for reservations.
    Alternatively, you may use TripAdvisor, AirBnB or OyoRooms.
  • Transportation: We recommend using app based prepaid taxi services like Uber and Ola for smooth commute to and from the venue.
  • Marketing Material Printing and Stall Fabrication: If you are looking for a local vendor for marinating services of marketing material and stall fabrication, please contact your Account Manager and we will be happy to help you connect.


Location and Venue

TAJ MG Road, Bengaluru, India

Summit & Expo Venue

TAJ MG Road, Bengaluru (Navigate)

Address: 41/3, MG Road , Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560001, INDIA


Date & Timings

Day 1: Feb 14, 2019 (08 AM - 06PM)

Day 2: Feb 15, 2019 (08 AM - 06PM)

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TAJ MG Road, Bengaluru, India (Visit Website)